The Imari is a picturesware and dyed porcelain ware that has been manufacturing since Edo age(1600 - 1867). It was manufactured for the nobilities of Japan, wealthy merchants and people, also it was loved by European or Asian as a representative porcelain ware of Japan.
The word "Imari" is a generic term of pictureware porcelains that started at Hizen (Arita, Saga Prefecture in Kyushu) since 1615. A name of Imari-yaki was called since 1799. It continues manufacturing these porelains as Arita-yaki, which is famous as a Japanese porcelain all over the world.

The Nabeshima was one of Imari porcelain which was specially manufactured for a top of clan home consumptions, or for Imperial Household, for Shogun and daimyo(feudal lord) as an exchange of presents.
It was extra high grade of pictureware and dyed porcelain as a symbol of authority.

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